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Candor, NC Again Turns to Sparta's Municipal Lease Program

Parent Category: ROOT Created: Tuesday, 08 March 2016

New York, NY., March 08, 2016 -- Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (SRCO) today announced that for the third time in a two-year period, the town of Candor, NC has chosen Sparta's Municipal Leasing Program to provide financing to add to the town's police cruiser fleet. Candor began leasing equipment through Sparta Commercial in 2014 with a fleet of Dodge Chargers, and later that same year with the lease of a Brush Truck for the Fire Department.

Candor, NC is just one of 14 jurisdictions in the state of North Carolina and over 80 jurisdictions around the country to have participated in the Sparta Municipal Lease Program, and who have taken advantage of the alternative the Program offers to governmental agencies to the method of purchasing their essential equipment outright.

The Sparta Municipal Lease Program supports a wide variety of essential equipment for police, fire, EMS, public transportation, administrative and public works departments, etc., and is especially helpful to those various governmental agencies looking to get more product for their budget.

Commenting on the most recent transaction, Anthony Havens, Sparta's CEO, said, "When we see a jurisdiction like Candor use our product across multiple department lines, in this case law enforcement and fire rescue, that tells us that there continues to be a real need; and that once a jurisdiction utilizes our product, they recognize the intrinsic value and so continue to reach out to us for a myriad of needs."

About Sparta Commercial Services, Inc.

Sparta Commercial Services, Inc. (http://spartacommercial.com/) is a leader, in developing, managing, and servicing custom mobile apps for dealer networks and businesses, in providing motor vehicle history reporting to dealers and consumers, and offering and administering vehicle and capital lease programs for municipalities.

Sparta's Mobile Applications Division offers two customizable mobile app products specifically designed for vehicles dealers and for small and growing companies.

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Sparta's Municipal Leasing Division (http://spartamunicipal.com/) offers and administers a specialized municipal leasing program for local and state agencies. The Company is dedicated to serving jurisdictions with small and growing vehicle fleets who seek a better and more economical way to finance their essential equipment needs - from police motorcycles and cruisers, to EMS equipment and busses, to virtually any type of equipment a municipality requires. The Municipal Leasing Division also works with larger jurisdictions to provide competitive leasing facilities for specific segments of their fleet portfolio.

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