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“I cannot begin to express in words how appreciative I am of all the assistance Sparta provided. Customer service at this level is indeed hard to find these days."

Chief of Police Paul D. Lilly, LCC, MSCJ
City of Caldwell, TX Police Department

Municipal Equipment Leasing

As municipal agencies such as police departments work to serve their communities, they often need equipment, but are without the immediate financial resources to address those needs.

At Sparta Commercial Services, we specialize in lease purchase financing (LPF), allowing municipalities to efficiently purchase vital equipment such as police cruisers and trucks without large, up-front cash payments, effectively giving them more purchasing power!

Lease purchase financing allows our clients to purchase property and equipment through installment lease payments, which can be made monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or annually. As payments are made, the municipality — which maintains ownership of the equipment — builds equity in its investment.

For municipalities, LPF is a year-to-year commitment to make lease payments, not a commitment to pay debt. Because our method of municipal leasing contains a non-appropriation or “funding-out clause," in most states, no voter approval is necessary to enter into the agreement.

Furthermore, we are also able to include maintenance or service contracts within the finance contract. We incorporate the overall cost of the maintenance/service contract into the total payment on the equipment.

Tax-exempt leasing is one of the simplest and most successful ways to complete an equipment lease purchase. In addition to qualifying for low interest rates, municipalities can conserve their cash while acquiring the equipment necessary for their day-to-day operation. Entering into municipal leases may also be more cost effective because political subdivisions can purchase equipment or facilities at today’s prices, not next year’s price increase. This is in addition to the annual savings realized through decreased maintenance costs.

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